Promote and sell your events in less time, at a lower cost

With Metooo you get an all-inclusive tool set for your event. Sell more tickets and reduce admission costs. Improve promotion and invitations, and efficiently organize your work as an event planner.

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Event management software for professionals

  • Organize
    You have defined dates, contents and venue of the event, and contracts with suppliers are all signed: now you have to promote and boost your event. And we have the ideal tool!

  • Promote, sell, tell
    With Metooo you build the website of the event, promote it on the web and on the app, start the storytelling, send the RSVP emails to your contacts and sell entrance tickets.

  • Manage and improve
    Use Metooo to manage waiting lists and check-in of tickets sold, to create entry badges, to produce ticket sales invoices and to thank your guests.

Metooo is the ideal platform for any event

Metooo is the ideal platform for any event

Whether it's a scientific conference, a lab, a university lesson, a business meeting, or even launching a product, a big fair, a sports contest, a fundraiser or a charity race: use Metooo.

Metooo is perfect for every event!

If you like, take a look at a selection of events made with Metooo.

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Metooo is for:

Freelance event organizers

Improve your performance by working more efficiently. With Metooo you work both on promotion and management of the event using a single service: website, invitations to RSVP, data collection, registration of attendees, ticket sales, press kit. And you can do it in mobile too, for maximum flexibility.

Event planning agencies

Reduce costs and increase productivity. With Metooo you take care of your clients' events in an impeccable and efficient way: you can create groups of events for each client, plan related events, have an exceptional promotion and invitation system and advanced ticketing, manage check-in, billing, and badges. All activities need just one account.

Brand Ambassadors

Make a communication that is perfectly coherent with the Brand, manage the booking lists at the event, collect feedback and submit questionnaires to those who register at the event, and communicate with your audience before, during and after the event. Perfect for companies and public and non-profit organizations.

Anyone who wants to organize an event

Exactly! Metooo is the perfect start for those entering the world of event planning for the first time, and want to do it professionally. We have designed and produced a complete yet easy to use digital service, without a thousand useless options, but with essential well thought-out tools, integrated in a user friendly and intuitive way. Think big from the start, use Metooo!

Metooo features:

Unbeatable key points:

A beautiful, efficient, fully responsive event website.

2,500 monthly RSVP invitations and unlimited contact lists.

Storytelling tools, sales invoicing, creation of badges included.

Use Metooo for your events and go professional

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