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The following are the Terms of Service ("TOS") governing the use of the website ("Site", "Website").

Metooo SRL, owner of the Metooo site ("Company", "Metooo", "We", "we" or "our") provides that each user of the service offered by Metooo, as a user of the site ("you", " You "," You "or" you ") are subject to TOS for access to and use of the Site. We reserve the right to update TOS from time to time at our wish or need.

The user accepts as follows:

BY USING THIS SITE, YOU DECLARE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TOS, THE PRIVACY POLICY AND, as applicable, the purchase agreement and / or ticketing services ("USER AGREEMENTS") and also declare to expressly accept, and grant consent, to be bound by ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CONTENT. TOS has LEGAL EFFECT AND STRENGTH AS if it were written and signed DOCUMENT. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the user must cease TO USE THE SITE: Any violation of TOS may CAUSE LEGAL AND ADMISTRATIVE ACTIONS such as, but NOT ONLY, termination of access and RIGHT TO USE THE SITE, CANCELLATION OF THE TICKET or ORDER, and / or removal of the CREATED EVENT and / or PUBLISHED .


Based on the established terms and conditions, we provide access to and use of our site only if users operate in accordance with user agreements and all other terms and conditions described for use of the site, as a single user or organization for the planning, promotion and sale of an event ("Organizer", "Organizer", "Organizers") or as a user who is participating in an event ("Participant", "Participant", "Participants").

Please note: access to the site is provided by a free, but limited, non-exclusive and revocable license, always in our opinion.


The user recognizes and accepts that the site may, at times, be inaccessible or unusable for any reason, including, but not limited to: (i) malfunctions; (ii) periodic maintenance, repairs, or extraordinary operations that we may undertake from time to time; (iii) causes beyond our control, or which are not reasonably foreseeable. Although our efforts will always be aimed at keeping the site fully usable, we have no control over the possibility of accessing the site at any given time - and we are not responsible - for any limitation of services due to technical difficulties beyond our control, including any interruptions to the site hosting service.


The user is responsible for the purchase, management and verification of compatibility of all hardware, software, electrical connection, and other physical and instrumental requirements for the use of our service, including, but not only, telecommunications and internet access connections and other links, the availability and compatibility of web browsers and the programs or services needed to access and use the site.


Metooo is offered in a free-to-use plan. The service is available in two different plans: OPEN and PRO. There is a 2% fee in the OPEN version, and 3.5% in the PRO version, on each paid ticket sold by the user through Metooo. The fee applies only to paid tickets, either at fixed or variable prices, and no costs will be paid by the user for events with a free ticket. The fee is due by the user who organizes and sells the tickets, including any charges that may be applicable. The fee is not refundable in any case of sales error made by the user.


Sales and purchases of tickets on our site are made through third party services; the policy regarding the modalities, costs and conditions of use of the specific service are indicated respectively by the external services that we use as a payment gateway. The services we use are PayPal ( and Stripe ( Metooo does not operate as a bank, it does not withhold funds, it does not have an internal system for managing payments. Both the organizer and the buyer-participant are aware of having to manage directly with each other, and to exempt Metooo from any responsibility in this regard the refund practices. We only offer a complete reimbursement flow management console directly from the Metooo user account, so that the ticket can be reimbursed simply and securely, but we do not operate as person who reimburses the ticket.

If the attendee in an event wishes to request a refund or otherwise contest a payment, he must do it by communicating with the organizer, and we are not responsible for resolving the dispute. All communications or disputes regarding payments, chargebacks, and refunds are between the organizer and the participants exclusively, and Metooo will not be responsible in any way for payments, refunds, chargebacks or errors contained therein or bankruptcy in combined with the use of any payment gateway. In case of refund to the participants, Metooo has no repayment obligation towards the organizer for the commissions paid by him on the ticketing services provided by Metooo.

In case of cancellation of the event in which tickets have been sold for a fee, Metooo sends an automatic communication to all buyers to inform them of the cancellation of the event and to guide them to contact the organizer to request information on re-use of the ticket purchased and / or refunded. This communication may not be received for reasons beyond our control (eg a full or no longer active mailbox). Sending the communication does not represent in any way an acceptance of the reasons for which the event was canceled, nor a position taken by the organizer and / or the purchaser of the ticket.

The organizers are aware of: (i) to pay the service fees to Metooo including applicable added taxes, and that all expenses and charges of any kind are due by the organizer (collectively "Service charges"), and that payments are automatically made upon receipt of the money by the participant, with a mechanism called "cascade", even without the simultaneous issue of an invoice; (ii) to accept responsibility for providing refunds to participants at their discretion. Metooo will not be held responsible for anything related to refunds, as it is the organizer who undertakes to fully compensate the participant for refunds, and the commission accrued by Metooo will not be returned; (iii) that the invoices are sent on the first day of the month for the costs incurred for the services incurred in the previous month.


All or parts of this site are the property of Metooo and are protected by intellectual property laws and / or treaties, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and patent laws. You agree to use the site for personal or professional use as eventplanner only and you will not allowed to copy, duplicate, show, transmit, distribute, modify or prepare derivative works for any other purpose unless express written permission is granted. User agreements do not constitute any general license for the use of any of our copyrights or trademarks with the exception of on-screen display. Our brands include, but are not limited to, the Metooo brand.


The user agree snot to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, rent, distribute, redistribute, publish, modify or exploit for commercial purposes any part of the site, its use, or access to it. The user agrees to be authorized only to visit, view and keep a copy of the pages of this site for personal use. Events created on Metooo cannot be exported on any other competitor service.


Users agree to do not use, implement, or provide help, either directly or indirectly, to encourage or solicit anyone else to use, implement, or use any device, process or automatic or manual program (such as robots, spiders, spyware, etc.) designed to monitor, observe, collect, copy or transmit any content on our site without our prior written consent. Users agree that cannot use, implement, directly or indirectly, aid, encourage or solicit anyone else to use, implement, or use any device, process or automatic or manual program that interferes with service delivery, or help intent to interfere with the operation of our site. The user cannot in any way use Metooo for activities that do not comply with the new GPDR rules in effect from 25 May 2018.


Our site can provide links to other websites. These links are not intended to indicate sponsorships, affiliation or support. We do not exercise any control over these other websites. We are not directly or indirectly responsible for the availability or accessibility of these other websites, any transmission initiated by or between the user and the other website, any content posted on the third party website, or the assignment of the user on such content.


All contents, of any kind (posts, messages, texts, files, images, photos, videos, sounds, or other materials) published on, transmitted through, and available through Metooo ("Content") in order to make them available to third parties , become usable by Metooo for all activities related to the performance or execution of the service. The user accepts that he/she gives us faculties to use his name, his image and the contents attributable to him for purpose related to the service (eg to send the invoice for the fee collected). The user grants these rights to Metooo with value all over the world, irrevocably, in royalty-free mode, with perpetual right and the license to copy, reproduce, modify, edit, create derivative works, distribute, publish, view, link, your content in any media for any purpose including but not limited to publication on the site, advertising, and other commercial uses in relation to the site and the service offered by Metooo. The user also agrees to hold harmless Metooo, its officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, partners, partners and claimants from claims, administrative and criminal actions, claims for damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising from or connected with the use of name, image, or any content attributable to him. The user also recognizes and accepts that visitors to the site will be able to view the content if published in a non-private event, but that even for privately published content it is possible for a user enabled to view the user's content, without knowledge of the fact, nor possibility of avoiding it, by Metooo (eg if an user share the access password to the event with his friends). Therefore the user accepts to raise and hold harmless Metooo, its officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, partners, partners and claimants from claims, administrative and criminal actions, claims for damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising from or related to the use of name, image, or any content attributable to him/her, even if such information is published in events that are not accessible without password set by the planner. Furthermore: (i) user acknowledges and agrees that content may be traced, modified, manipulated electronically or otherwise altered for use on the site, without further consent or approval, and that if and how the content is used within Metooo it depends on our discretion; (ii) user certifies to be the original author (or to have an authorization in writing for the use of all rights by the original author) of the content included in Metooo, to be the copyright owner of the content and to have full authority to grant Metooo the rights indicated in this document; and (iii) user acknowledge sand agrees that all of content is subject to review and modification prior to any publication or use by us. User further acknowledges that we reserve the right to remove any content from the site at any time and for any reason at our discretion.


The user grants to Metooo the permission to use his name, image and contents of any kind for the realization of live / recorded audio / video productions, videos or photographic exhibitions, or for the transmission, realization of online exhibitions and offline, publication or reproduction in an event, for any purpose, in any way, both at the time of the event published on Metooo, before and after, by any means or context now known or developed in the future, without further authorization for his part, and without any compensation for him or anyone acting in his name.


The user is responsible for any and all acts and omissions that occur while using this site, and agrees not to do unacceptable use of the service offered by Metooo, which include, but are not limited to a, the use of the site to: (i) disseminate, store or transmit unsolicited messages, chain communications, or unsolicited commercial e-mails (also known as "spam"); (ii) disseminate or transmit material that, for the average reasonable person, may be abusive, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, harassing, severely offensive, vulgar, threatening, or harmful; (iii) disseminate, store or transmit files, graphics, software, material or other content that is actually or potentially in conflict with copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, intellectual property rights or rights of privacy or advertising of any person or instruct any person on how to do it; (iv) create a false identity or otherwise attempt to mislead people about the identity or origin of any communication; (V) impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a Metooo employee or agent; (Vi) the export, upload or permission to download any message or content in violation of any law, regulation or directive of the Italian State and national institutions or authorities, or without the necessary approvals, licenses or exemptions; (Vii) interfere, stop, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other passwords or accounts on the site or any other computer network; (Viii) to spread, store or transmit viruses, Trojan horses, or any other malicious code or program; (ix) harm minors in any way; (X) request personal information from children under eighteen (18) years of age; (Xi) solicit confidential information; (Xii) interfere or discontinue the Site or the connected server or network to provide a service to the Site; (M) provide instructions on illegal or illicit activities (xiii) "to persecute" or to molest another person; (Xiv) intentionally or otherwise violating any state, national or international local laws; (Xv) engage in commercial or business activities in the name and on behalf of Metooo without our express written consent; and / or (xvi) undertake any other activity held by us, in our sole discretion, unacceptable when using this site or in contrast with the spirit or intent of user agreements. Any violation of this section may result in suspension and removal of the user's account and / or license to use the site, and suspension / removal of ticket orders and / or events that have been made / published, as well as other actions of administrative or legal nature. In cases where, at our sole discretion, we suspect or find that the site is used for unacceptable, inappropriate or illegal purposes, the personal data on the use of our site may be disclosed to other parties that we deem appropriate to carry out investigations. Such information may also be disclosed by virtue of any investigation by the Police, regardless of whether the investigation was initiated by us or another party.


Nothing on this site can be used by our visitors and users for commercial purposes, not associated with Metooo. It is in any case necessary to obtain our prior written consent prior to making commercial offers of any kind, to third parties, in the name and on behalf of Metooo, or prior to any other form of advertising communication. In any case, the user can not send spam or spam mail chains to other users or third parties, through, or on behalf of, and in ways that are traceable to Metooo.


Metooo does not control in advance, and is not responsible for the content sent by users, and is not responsible for the fact that by using the event page a user can be exposed to offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading or otherwise objectionable content. In addition, the event page may contain links to other websites, which are completely independent of Metooo. We do not issue any declaration or guarantee regarding the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information contained in any site indicated and / or linked to the event page. Likewise, Metooo makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information contained in such content posted on, transmitted through, or otherwise available through the event page. In no case will Metooo be held responsible for the contents or for any loss or damage of any kind occurring as a result of the use of any published content, sent by email or otherwise made available through the site. Metooo reserves the right to examine and take appropriate legal action at its discretion against anyone who violates these provisions. The following is a partial list of the illegal or prohibited content type: which (a) is patently offensive to the online community, such as content that promotes racism, fanaticism, hate or physical threat of any kind against any group or individual ; (B) that harasses or incites to harassment towards another person; (C) involving the transmission of "junk mail", "chains of Saint Anthony", or unsolicited mass mailing or "spamming"; (D) that promotes information that is known to be false, misleading or that promotes illegal activities or illegal behavior, threats, obscenity, defamation or slander; (E) promoting an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person's work, such as providing pirated computer programs or linking to them, providing information to circumvent copy protection, or the provision of pirated music or links to files of pirate music; (F) that regards a restricted or password-protected content, or hidden, restricted or protected pages or images; (G) showing pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind; (H) providing support to the exploitation of persons under the age of 18, either sexually or violently, or requiring personal information from persons under the age of 18; (I) providing instructions on illegal activities such as the making or purchase of illegal weapons, violating someone's privacy, or even creating computer viruses; (J) soliciting the request for passwords or personally identifiable information for commercial or illegal purposes by other users; (K) which consists of commercial and / or sales activities without our prior written consent, such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, and pyramid schemes; (l) that it has been created for the purpose, and that it determines through an unreasonable or excessive load on our infrastructure through the continuous and repeated publication of the same content.


If a user believes that a work or content protected by copyright has been published or stored on Metooo without prior and necessary authorization, please contact our legal department at the email address [email protected] specifying where it is produced the violation and the reasons supporting the identification of the violation itself.


The information is collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


The user declares and guarantees the following: (i) to have at least eighteen (18) years completed at the time of using the Metooo services; (Ii) to use the service offered in compliance with user agreements; (iii) who is not buying tickets specifically for resale, not to be a retailer, wholesaler, or mass buyer of tickets; (iv) not to use our service or our site for any unacceptable uses, as partially listed in the paragraph entitled "Unacceptable Uses"; (iv) not to use our site or service to violate any law, European, national and / or local; (v) to have understood that any dispute of an economic nature among users is beyond the control and responsibility of Metooo, despite all actions taken to ensure the satisfaction of its users, and that any dispute must be resolved directly and exclusively among the users, saving Metooo from any administrative, compensatory or criminal actions; (vi) to be in accordance with the guidelines of the GPDR in force since 25 May 20

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