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The subscription-free solution, all-inclusive and convenient

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  • Event web page
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Storytelling
  • App for check-in
  • Up to 500 invitations a month
  • Zoom Integration
  • Fee 2% / paid tickets
  • Waiting lists
  • Ticket invoicing
  • Groups of events
  • Custom badges
  • No Metooo logo
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The professional event planner package at an unbeatable price

5 € / monthly

  • Event web page
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Storytelling
  • App for check-in
  • Up to 2,500 invitations a month
  • Zoom Integration
  • Fee 1.5% / paid tickets
  • Waiting lists
  • Ticket invoicing
  • Groups of events
  • Custom badges
  • No Metooo logo
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Unlimited events

Create, edit, edit, organize and share unlimited events.

Website of the event

Create a complete, effective and beautiful website for your event in just 5 minutes.

Related events

Group events linked together.


Zoom integration.

Groups of events

Create different user profiles, each with their own events / brands.


Email contact lists

Import, compose and organize email contact lists for your invitations.




Send beautiful and effective email invitations to your contacts.


Easily post on Facebook, Tweet, enter on Linkedin, send with Whatsapp.


Update your audience on event news directly from the App.

Event Search

Free App Metooo Event Fan for iOS and Android, for searching and purchasing tickets.

Public profile

Customize and share your public bulletin board with all the events scheduled.

Get Followers

Your guests can follow you to be automatically informed of each new event published.



Sell free tickets, paid tickets or collect donations.

Quantity of tickets per event

Amount of entrance tickets that you can add in each event.



Sale of free tickets

Without fees

Without fees

Fee on paid tickets and donations

2% (maximum limit € 10 per ticket)

1.5% (maximum limit € 12 per ticket)

Merchandising sale

Add photos of the product to the ticket and merchandising of your event.

Payment systems for tickets

PayPal and Stripe

PayPal and Stripe

PayPal and Stripe

Payment systems for tickets

Collection is immediate, together with the sale of the ticket and the payment by the buyer.

Discount Codes

Create and assign discount codes of fixed value and / or percentage.

Custom Checkout

Create a custom order form for ticket sales.


Create and submit closed and / or open-ended surveys for your buyers.

Custom sales policies

Add to your tickets your participation policy, refunds etc…

Waiting lists

Manage reservations and overbooking.

Sales invoices

Management of participants' data, and automatic processing and sending of ticket sales invoices.

Sale on external websites

Embed your tickets on external websites using the Embed feature.

Welcome your guests

Checkin with QR Code

Use the free Metooo Event Plan app for iOS and Android for guest check-ins.


Create, print or send your guests the customized badge of your event.


Update your guests on all information related to the event, directly from the free app Metooo Event Plan for iOS and Android.



Allow your audience to produce and submit text and photo contributions to your event. Organize them, and arrange a page dedicated to the story of what you have done.


Share the story page, use it as a Press Folder or link it to the invitations for your next event.



Evaluate the progress of RSVP responses, sales, your guests' inputs and the shares of your story. Clear and simple statistics.


A help desk always at your service (online guide, chat, dedicated).

Online help desk only


Metooo Logo and Advertising

Branding on event pages and in RSVP invitations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Metooo for free?

Of course! Metooo is always free for free ticket events. You can use all the basic functions, from event page creation to selling as many free tickets as you want, for ever.

You can also send up to 500 RSVP email invitations to all your contacts, create the storytelling for your event and manage the admissions with Metooo Event Plan, the free app that scans your guests’ tickets.

You can start as an Open user and upgrade to the PRO version later on, if you need additional functions.

Why should I upgrade to the PRO version?

Metooo PRO is the most complete solution for event professionals who want to integrate more technical functions: automatic issuing of invoices for sold tickets, simplified creation of personalized badges for guests, waiting list and VIP list management.

With Metooo PRO it is possible to create various profiles, each one featuring its own connected events, an ideal solution for freelancers and agencies managing events for their clients.

Moreover, Metooo PRO offers 2,500 monthly email invites, and more control of your own branding in the event page and email invites.

Can I switch between packages whenever I want?

Yes. You can start using the Open version of Metooo, without a subscription, and only switch to PRO when you need the functions within the PRO version.

Or, you can start directly with the PRO version, which is the ideal choice if you want to have more control over the branding of your event page and email invites, or if you want to manage a selective access to your event through waiting lists.

Or simply because you need to send more email invites. In any case, you can deactivate your PRO version at any time, without losing your data: we’ll keep the data for you and you’ll find it ready to use again when you choose to reactivate your monthly subscription.

Why use Metooo email invites?

Metooo invites allow you to send all your contacts, with just one click, RSVP emails with the same style and content of the event you published.

You can easily organize your contact lists, so your invite process will be more productive and elegant. On top of this, you’ll receive in-depth stats.

An effective RSVP invite is the first step to a sold-out event.

We offer you the possibility to send up to 2,500 free invitations a month. If you need a higher number of invites, you can do an upgrade at any time. Read more.

What kind of tickets can I sell with Metooo?

You can sell tickets to the events you manage.
You can create free tickets, paid tickets, donation tickets and tickets to sell merchandising related to your event.

For every ticket, you can insert a title, the available quantity, purchase options, discount codes, start and end dates of sales.

You can insert all the tickets you want, even miscellaneous types, into the same event.

Are payments on Metooo secure?

No need to worry! We use PayPal and Stripe to process your payments.

These are among the safest payment and fund transfer systems in the world, used by thousands of digital companies. The entire Metooo website is under SSL protocol, for your safety and for the safety of your public.

What apps does Metooo offer?

Metooo offers two apps: Metooo Event Plan and Metooo Event Fan, both available for iOS and Android.

The former caters to event organizers: it allows you to follow sales, to do the check-in at the event, and to send communications to your guests.

The latter caters to whoever wants to discover upcoming events nearby or in a specific city or by category, or to easily buy a ticket that can be then shown at check-in to obtain fast admission, in complete safety and stress-free.

Published events are shown within the Metooo Event Fan app at no extra cost for the event organizer, for increased awareness of your event and a boost in sales.

However, if you don’t want your event to be displayed, you can easily select the privacy of your event as “Private” among your available options as an organizer.

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